Who are we ?

AYMO Expo is an Algerian export company specializing in agro-food business, our company is one of the first companies to invest in agriculture of all kinds of fruits and vegetables and dried fruits, for export, this is made possible by the large farms we have in BISKRA, Algeria, large sunny farms well supported by our skilled employees, who using the modern irrigating system, grows the best varieties of products.
This is complemented by the sorting, packaging and preservation of cultivated products, which is done in our cold rooms which are located right next to the head office of the company in Bouiche Commune BECHLOUL in BOUIRA in Algeria.

Our cold rooms

AYMO Expo has another asset that makes it the ideal choice for you to export and provide agricultural products, which are, its refrigerated rooms (cold rooms), located next to the head office, they allow the processing of products and their cold storage, to satisfy our customers by serving them ideal products.

Our farms

AYMO Expo offers agricultural products grown in Algeria, more exactly in the region of BISKRA, known by its date palms (Deglet Nour) and its fertile lands, in which we grow fresh fruits and vegetables, using the sun of the region and underground boreholes rich on water.
Combining these factors and adding qualified employees, this gives birth to one of the best varieties of dates in the world, Deglet Nour or the dates of light; and other fruits and vegetables of sublime quality.

Our products

AYMO Export exports a wide range of agricultural products, grown on our farms at BISKRA in Algeria, farms irrigated by a modern boreholes system providing it with fresh water.
Our products vary from dried fruits like dates to fresh fruits like watermelons and melons, without forgetting fresh vegetables like zucchini, tomatoes ... etc. And others will be introduced soon.